Teach at Garaca

Teachers are the life blood of any school

If it is to succeed at preparing its students to be productive members of society, its teachers must work together to provide comprehensive, rigorous, integrated, and innovative instruction that engages, informs, and propels students into the world ready to contribute to society

Garage Academy is constant pursuit of talented, motivated educators willing and able to turn the promise that they see in their students into performance. We are teammates with the families that charge us with developing the academic skill and character of their children. Garaca can not succeed with we do not share the same vision that parents and students do. Perspective teachers should understand and embrace this philosophy.

We see our teachers as more than placeholders or babysitters. They should be masters of their subject areas. More importantly, they should possess an ongoing hunger to increase their knowledge in their concentrations. Genuine curiosity inspires students and coworkers alike and hastens an enthusiasm throughout campus.

If you see yourself in these words or you would like to, please contact us for further information and available positions.