Teach at Garaca

Teachers are the life blood of any school If it is to succeed at preparing its students to be productive members of society, its teachers must work together to provide comprehensive, rigorous, integrated, and innovative instruction that engages, informs, and propels students into the world ready to contribute to society Garage Academy is constant pursuit [...]


Thank you for your interest in Garaca! If you are interested in Garage Academy for the upcoming school year, we strongly encourage you to fill out the inquiry form, listed below. If we anticipate a reasonable likelihood of space in your grade of interest we may ask you to apply at a later date. There [...]

The Garaca Experience

An environment designed to prepare students to pursue their passions With proper support, anyone can be an outlier--an exceptional performer who uses knowledge and experience to excel. By the time they were 18 years-old, Leonardo DaVinci, Miles Davis, Albert Einstein, and Steve Wozniak already possessed  the foundation to make significant contributions to society. The Garage [...]