The Garaca Experience

An environment designed to prepare students to pursue their passions

With proper support, anyone can be an outlier–an exceptional performer who uses knowledge and experience to excel. By the time they were 18 years-old, Leonardo DaVinci, Miles Davis, Albert Einstein, and Steve Wozniak already possessed  the foundation to make significant contributions to society.

The Garage Academy experience is designed to give all of our students the opportunity to outperform. Our approach provides  three things to make this possible: a theoretical foundation in human knowledge, practice applying this, and access to tools and relationships needed to turn their ideas into real-world solutions.

  • Our curriculum encourages students to develop a depth and breadth of fundamental concepts. We go beyond the required state standards by adopting International Baccalaureate PYP and MYP that focus on inquiry and academic excellence. We want all of our students to become independent learners by improving their study habits and. This way, they will not depend on others to achieve their dreams.


  • We believe that students only understand concepts when they apply them in their own lives. By using concepts to solve problems in context, they become more than ideas in the minds of children. Students will more likely retain their knowledge as they perceive the value of it.


  • Garaca provides students with tools and relationships that enable them to pursue their passions. It is important that students choose the right tool for a job and know how to use it. It is also important that they learn to access knowledge and skills of teammates and stakeholders in order to implement their ideas. Ultimately, though, our students gain self-confidence because they believe in themselves. After an academic career of putting their knowledge to work, they spend less time thinking about whether they can do something and more time thinking about how to do it.